Mobile Websites

That’s a pretty startling headline, don’t you think? Thanks to Search Engine Land we have real data around how often people use their devices to find what they need: Consumers conduct twenty-one searches per week from their devices. To the small or medium business owner, knowing your prospects and customers are searching this frequently from devices is all the proof you need to get your own mobile website.

Why isn’t your regular site “good enough”?

Smartphones and tablets use different technologies to search the internet and show content. So your site may look great on a computer, but may be difficult to read on a phone or tablet or, worse, may not be found at all when people search using a phone or tablet.

The solution

Mobile websites are actually quite simple to set up, especially if you have an existing site. When you consider the cost and benefit, then we’d say a mobile website is one of the smartest things you can add to your marketing efforts… search engines also give you extra credit for having a mobile site!

Get mobile today

Mobile websites are right in Webstract Marketing’s “wheelhouse,” so to speak: We’ve created lots of them, and we’d love to show you how they work. Take a look at our portfolio for an example of a mobile website, or give us a call today at 855-201-5800.

Go mobile!