Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing delivers same-day traffic

PPC, which stands for Pay-Per-Click Marketing (or what some refer to as SEM, or Search Engine Marketing) is a fast track to the page-one listings when you need website traffic. Instead of waiting for your SEO listings to kick in and rank well, you can get immediate results by paying to have your ads listed on search engines.Paid search is made simple by Webstract’s experts — fluent in Google AdWords and Bing Ads — who work within your budget to craft ads that get your business leads.With pay-per-click marketing you get:
  • Instant visibility into what ads people are clicking on
  • Immediate data on which ads are converting leads into customers for you
  • Control over how much you spend on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Return-on-investment knowledge down to the keyword level so you can shift your budget to your top-performing keywords
  • Market feedback about which products and services you have that appeal to your prospects and customers
Pay-per-click Advertising on Google, Bing, and Facebook Ads

Next steps for paid search

Read enough about pay-per-click marketing and want to get started? Give Webstract a call today at 855-201-5800 or contact us with your questions. Don’t forget you get a free initial consult so we can guide you toward pay-per-click happiness. If you’d like to read more, head on over to our PPC Success Stories page.